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Sanitary District Number Two was established by Chapter 516 of the New York State Laws of 1928. The general and legal authority for it to operate is contained in the Civil Divisions Act, Section 202. Geographically the District encompasses the hamlets of Baldwin, Roosevelt, South Hempstead and parts of Uniondale, Rockville Centre and Freeport. The total number of residents and businesses serviced is approximately 55,000 comprising of 16,800 stops.

The District has five Commissioners, each elected, at large for five-year terms. The Commissioners election is held annually on the last Thursday in July, a date that has been set by the New York State Legislature. The Legislature of the State of New York also sets the salaries received by the Commissioners. The present salary of $7,500 was set in 1981. Commissioners are also entitled to be covered by the group health insurance policy and are eligible to become members of the New York State Local Employees Retirement System.

The responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners includes: drafting and implementing local ordinances to oversee a comprehensive collection system of solid waste, collection of recyclables and establishing rules and regulations to prevent and prohibit litter and littered premises. They are also responsible for preparing the annual budget and setting the tax rate. The Board is responsible for all administrative, financial and operational aspects of a full time workforce currently consisting of 60 full time employees.

The 2024 District Operating Budget is $ 12,786,490.00 The 2024 District Tax Levy is $ 10,425,832.38.

The 2023 District Operating Budget is $ 12,260,455.00 The 2023 District Tax Levy is $ 10,035,306.96

The 2022 District Operating Budget is $ 12,307,855.00 The 2022 District Tax Levy is $ 10,035,340.80

The 2021 District Operating Budget is $ 12,141,742.00 The 2021 District Tax Levy is $ 10,205,845.27

The 2020 District Operating Budget is $ 12,346,550.00 The 2020 District Tax Levy is $ 10,653,213.32

The 2019 District Operating Budget is $ 12,058,750.00 The 2019 District Tax Levy is $ 10,848,300.21

The 2018 District Operating Budget is $ 12,420,000.00 The 2018 District Tax Levy is $ 11,419,088.13

The 2017 District Operating Budget is $ 12,048,390.00 The 2017 District Tax Levy is $ 11,453,801.30

The 2016 District Operating Budget is $ 11,971,900.00 The 2016 District Tax Levy is $ 11,386,781.39

The 2015 District Operating Budget is $ 12,174,300.00

The 2014 District Operating Budget is $ 12,004,300.00

The 2013 District Operating Budget is $ 11,569,300.00

The 2012 District Operating Budget is $ 11,454,800.00

The 2011 District Operating Budget is $ 11,193,000.00

The 2010 District Operating Budget is $ 11,001,000.00

The 2009 District Operating Budget is $ 10,760,000.00

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