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Garbage Collection

Garbage and Refuse and Yard Waste

Regular garbage and refuse and yard waste collections, from the curb, begin at 6:30 am; except for June, July and August when they begin at 6:15 am. Items must be placed at the curb prior to 6:15am but not before 5:00 pm the day prior to collection. Receptacles should be removed from the curb as soon as practicable. Persons placing items out at the curb for collection prior to 5:00 pm the day before collection are in violation of the District Ordinance and subject to a monetary fine. (Items improperly placed out or placed out early are the single largest source of complaints registered at the District).

Items for regular garbage or refuse collection are kitchen waste, food cardboard paper (other than newspaper), phone books, non recyclable plastic objects, clothes.

Yard waste is agricultural waste such as grass clippings, plants, shrubs, tree branches and leaves. When disposing of branches they must be bundled and tied and cannot exceed 4ft in length or 2ft in diameter or weigh more than 75 lbs. Thorn bearing bushes must be wrapped and tied to prevent injury to our workers. Yard waste will be collected on your Recycling collection day.

Items for collection must be placed in receptacles, with handles and that have, non-attached. tight fitting covers and are not in excess of 45 gallons capacity or 75 lbs in weight. Receptacles that have attached covers or exceed 45 gal or weigh in excess pf 75 lbs will not be serviced. Plastic bags may be used, they must be tied and of sufficient quality so they will not tear. Overweight, over filled or torn plastic bags will not be serviced.

The District will pick up 25 receptacles (or bags) per collection.

Items that will not be collected are dirt, sand, sod, bricks and stone and broken concrete. Residents may take such materials to the Town of Hempstead Residential Drop Off site at the disposal facility at 1600 Merrick Rd in Merrick. Residents must call to see if the dump accepts this material. Please call (516)378-4210. Town of Hempstead Home Owner Disposal

Special Instructions

Boxes, crates, cartons and cardboard must be broken up and securely tied .Do not place garbage or other items in the cartons or boxes.

Glass must be placed in solid containers and should be marked broken glass. To prevent injury to our workers, glass (broken or unbroken) should not be placed in plastic bags.

No waste considered to be hazardous will be collected. See Hazardous Waste Section

To read the Sanitation Ordinance, click here.

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