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At this January 4, 2023, Board meeting of the Sanitary District No. 2 Commissioners, Chairman DeHaney presented to Road Supervisor Joseph Brown a plaque to recognize his actions on November 4, 2022. Supervisor Brown, while working his normal area, he was alerted to a reported house fire at 30 East Roosevelt Avenue, in Roosevelt. He responded to the location and found a working house fire with occupants still in the house. With his knowledge as a Baldwin Fire Department Lieutenant and without the protection of firefighting gear and equipment, Supervisor Joseph Brown worked to remove an occupant from the house. His actions exemplified all that is good as he put another’s life above his own and for that the District presents him with certificate.
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Please give a shout out to our unsung Heroes picking up your garbage. When you see Sani 2’s Strongest this week give them a thumbs up and a distant thank you.

Sanitary District 2 workers, 70 strong have not missed a beat during this crisis. They have been out there every day making sure the garbage is picked up so additional health concerns do not arise from garbage staying at the curb or by your house.

As a Sanitation Commissioner I can not say enough about their dedication and efforts. They truly care about Baldwin, Roosevelt and South Hempstead. Even battling short manpower they remain on the job until it’s done. I watched them in awe during Sandy and once again during this Covid -19 attack on our planet. They are the very best, “Sani 2 Working for You”.

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