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It is mandatory that you separate newspaper, cans, glass and recyclable plastics from your garbage and place them out for collection in your blue recycling box on your recycling day. Failure to comply with the above regulations, may result in the rest of your garbage not being collected.


Items for Recycling

Tied & Bundled
All newspaper & magazines can be recycled.
Books, telephone books, and
plastic bags
DISCARDED MAIL Place clean, dry paper with your newspapers
(see above: newspaper)
Wet, waxed or soiled paper, used
napkins, paper towels or paper
plates, carbon paper, etc.

All juice and soda bottles, water bottles, beer
and wine bottles and food jars can be recycled.
Please rinse all residue from the item being
discarded and place it in your recycling bin.
Remove all caps or lids and discard them in
your regular garbage.

Light bulbs, window glass, mirrors,
drinking glasses, broken glass, etc.
METALS All food cans, aluminum beverage cans,
aluminum foil, aluminum plates & pans,
aluminum food containers and license plates
can be recycled. Please rinse all residue from
the item being discarded and place it in your
recycle bin.
Cans used for chemicals or paint,
aerosal spray cans, appliances,
tools or batteries, etc.
PLASTICS All plastic items with a recycling logo of 1
or 2 located on the bottom of the item can
be recycled, for example: soda bottles, milk
containers, laundry products, water/juice bottles,
liquor bottles and personal care items. Please
rinse all residue and flatten the item being
discarded. Place it in your recycling bin. Remove
all caps or lids and dispose of them in your
regular garbage.

All plastics without 1 or 2
recycling logo; containers
used for motor products, paint,
solvents, lawn care products
CARDBOARD Corrugated only. Please flatten and tie in
bundles of approximately 2 ft. X 2 ft. X 6 in.
Place next to recycling bin.
Board box (cereal box), index
cards, etc.
Note: If we return your recycling bin with any remaining materials, these items cannot be recycled. These items should be discarded in your regular refuse. Do not use garbage cans or black plastic bags for recyclable. All Recyclable items should be placed in your Blue Box for collection. Plastic Bags are no longer being issued.


For further information regarding recycling, please visit They have articles and links to many websites and teaching materials. WWW.RECYCLECURBSIDE.ORG

To read the Recycling Ordinance, click here.

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